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About us

Ladies and gentlemen,

You are welcome to browse Wind Molds Co., Ltd. website!And we’d be deeply honored if the establishment of platform between us can enhance mutual understanding, communication and friendly cooperation.
Ebb tide, only see the real gold. The acceleration of globalization and the rise of high-tech have brought us great-leap-forward development and strategic opportunities.  It was just in this case that the Wind Group arose at the historic moment with good industrial base (Chungking is China's important antecedents area of the modern manufacturing base, scientific research achievement industrialization base in the upper reaches of Yangtze river,  the Midwest developing recycling economy demonstration and the national high-tech industrial base, etc), loose policy environment (Chinese government implements the large-scale development of the western region development area in urban and rural areas and the national synthetically reform testing district in Chungking. On December 16, 2008, inland only bonded harbor area - Chungking two way inch beach bonded harbor area formed; By 2010, June 18, following in Pudong, Shanghai, Tianjin Binhai New Area in China after the third national district - Chungking New Liangjiang formally established) and the specific location advantage(Chungking as one of four municipalities of the People's Republic of China is an administrative center located in the junction of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River with abundant resources and convenient amphibious transportation and is also the economic and financial centers in the upper Yangtze River region, the processing base for inland export commodities and the pilot region for opening wider to the outside world)

 Wind group is rising at an alarming rate with ten years of arduous pioneering and ten years of trials and hardships! With the aid of the Wind people who have the spirit of perseverance, indomitable will and going forward manhood, Wind Group has developed from ten years ago, a monotonous plastic mould design production enterprise to today other one-stop mold manufacture enterprise which combines with plastic mold design and manufacturing, plastic parts injection molding production, hardware stamping mould design and manufacture, metal stamping production, die-casting mould design and manufacturing and casting mould design and manufacture, etc . Wind group is standing proudly in the forest industry of molds with its booming trend and outstanding achievements. Generally speaking, it’s undergoing the metamorphosis of the Phoenix Nirvana!

No mountain too high. No ocean too deep. Mold industry development is infinite. Strength of character is tested in a crisis, while a torrent breaks the ice and churns it up, facing the increasingly fierce and changeable market situation, which makes us further recognize the significances of innovation and management. Innovation is an inexhaustible driving power and a source to keep eternal development for an enterprise, the entrepreneurial spirit essence and as well as a management function. Considering the innovation, we have attached great importance to introducing advanced technology,sophisticated equipment and new material and new process, as well as improving the mechanical design. Furthermore, we actively learn the advanced management mode in the same industry from home and abroad and fully implement the ISO standard quality management system, standardizing the management strictly in the management. According to the requirements of the company’s development, we have established reasonable company’s organizational structure and instituted the basic system rationally, as well as the work flows for all kinds of management affairs and the company's image norms and so on, forming a set of unified, standardized and relatively stable management systems. In order to achieve the company's goal of a coordinated and efficient production and operation and orderly operation, we have ever-increasingly perfected the system in the process of implementation. Meanwhile, our company has been the full realization of informationization and digital management in five major departments like management, business, production, engineering, finance, etc, ensuring that the functional departments have high efficiency and high quality at work.

With a long way to go, reviewing the past and looking ahead to the future, the prospects for development of the mould career is extremely bright. We will adhere to the guidelines on "stabilizing the employees, the technologies and the customers in order to stabilize growth; challenging the new products and breaking through the new technology to exploit and occupy the new markets " and continue to insist on the "sustainable management, quality first, customer-focused, benefit sharing" business philosophy, paving the road to success with wisdom and sweat; defending Wind Molds’ brand with credibility and quality; satisfying customers’ requirements with most reasonable price and high quality service ; making friends with the businessmen and business associates all over the world with loyalty, We are willing to go hand in hand with each new and old customers and create a better tomorrow altogether!

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